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Irene Rubinson Sullivan

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

Helping individuals, couples, and families navigate through and beyond short-term and long-term challenges and crises is at the core of my practice as a therapist.

My work has one essential goal: to help people feel emotionally safe and stable in their relationships (romantic, family, and platonic), and extend this comfort and confidence into other realms of daily life and routines. My approach to therapy begins by creating a safe environment for people where you can have the space and support you need to flourish and begin utilizing strengths you already have, but may not be aware of.

My experiences extend to working with couples, families, and individuals.
I believe that by working holistically, I can best support people in exploring the impact their interactions have on them. This will assist in having a deeper and stronger understanding of self. I have helped people address and work through depression, anxiety, grief, domestic violence, sexual assault, family life cycle issues, relational problems, and transitional issues with individuals, couples, and families.

I believe therapy is not about shrinking problems, but rather expanding a person’s understanding of themselves and their experiences. My goal in working with you will not be to minimize your current challenges, but rather, to expand and better understand your perspective and awareness, and empower you to achieve your therapeutic goals.


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individual therapy

Individual Therapy

Beginning individual therapy is a significant step towards personal growth, self-discovery, and improved mental well-being. To ensure a positive and fruitful experience, it’s important to establish clear expectations for your individual therapy sessions.

couples therapy

Couples Therapy

Embarking on the journey of couples therapy is a great way to improve your relationship, making it more fulfilling and healthier. Setting clear expectations is crucial for a positive and helpful experience.

family therapy

Family Therapy

Family therapy is a transformative and collaborative approach to addressing challenges within familial relationships. The dynamics of a family are intricate and interconnected. Family therapy works with individuals and the family unit as a whole to explore communication patterns, navigate conflicts, and build resilience.

emdr therapy

EMDR Therapy

EMDR therapy is an advanced way to help people process difficult and distressing memories and ease the emotional impact of trauma. It’s different from regular “talk” therapy because it uses guided eye movements, tapping into the brain’s neuro-pathways to create natural healing abilities.

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Whether you’re seeking support for specific issues, managing stress, or striving for self-discovery, therapy is a transformative journey that promotes understanding, healing, and a more fulfilling life.
Take the courageous step toward a brighter future—choose therapy for yourself and invest in your overall well-being.
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Irene has helped me through the toughest and most emotional times in my life, including divorce and loss, and I will be forever grateful for her guidance. Therapy is such a personal and rewarding experience with the right person, and I’ve always left our sessions feeling fully supported. She challenges you without judgment. I’ve had individual, couples, and family sessions with her, and each one is unique and productive in its own way. She has a calming and centering demeanor that allows me and my partner to be open in ways that we can’t be with anyone else. She is such an important part of my life and I look forward to having her as a guide through both the tough and beautiful parts that come with it.

Family Therapy Client

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I was never a believer in therapy and never thought I would be able to trust a stranger as much if not more than a close friend. I began seeing Irene with my wife and it not only changed my perspective on and belief in therapy, but turned me into a true subscriber. Irene truly cares about the success of her clients and the treatment she gives is so specifically tailored I felt like I was her only one… which is far from the case. Irene guided me through light therapy, “EMDR” because she knew it was something I would benefit from given my challenges and goals. She was right. The progress I have been able make with her both in couples therapy with my wife, and personally with EMDR, have changed my life forever. I am a believer in therapy because I know it works. And I owe that to Irene.

EMDR Therapy Client

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Irene is a vital part in my family’s well being. Her optimism is contagious, while never giving you false hope. She’s wonderful when it comes to speaking with kids, really getting to know the child(ren) well. Irene’s approach to family counseling is like a pyramid, if you will. The parent(s) are front & center, resulting in the child(ren) grasping the entire structure of the family. With that knowledge the child(ren) has the opportunity to learn and establish healthy relationships. Irene truly has had such a positive impact on my family, as she assists us all with communication skills, as well as helping my children cope with the stress of having a disabled parent.

Family Therapy Client

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Take the courageous step toward choosing therapy for yourself and investing in your overall well-being.

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